Self-Supporting Marine Loading Arm for Medium to Small Operating Ranges

Double Counterweight System
ROTAFLEX Swivel Joints
All-Purpose Equipment
Easy Routine Maintenance
Fast Installation

The SVT RIVA Marine Loading Arm is a basic self-supporting marine loading arm designed for demanding products and relatively small working ranges. It comes in nominal bores of 4" to 10" (10.2 cm to 25.4 cm) and can operate in temperatures from -4 °F to 176 °F (-20 °C to +80 °C). The arm can be made from a broad range of materials to suit various kinds of fluids, whether toxic, aggressive, or explosive. The loading arm is easy to operate manually, which is generally done with simple pull ropes.

The SVT RIVA marine loading arm uses a double counterweight system like its big brothers, ATLANTIC and PACIFIC. The inboard and outboard arms are independently balanced by separate counterweights.

The SVT ROTAFLEX Swivel Joints in the arms have hardened ball raceways, which avoids the need for separate raceway rings and all the problems that presents.

They have a double dynamic sealing system with packing faces made of stainless steel for maximum reliability. Different sealing systems and materials (e.g. FPM, PTFE, CSM, EPDM, PE) can be used to perfectly adapt to various fluids and temperatures.

The SVT RIVA Marine Loading Arm can be equipped with various additional accessories:

SVT Quick Connect/Disconnect Couplers (QCDC) connect the arm to the manifold flange rapidly and safely. Connections using standard flanges are relatively time-consuming to make, particularly for large nominal bores. SVT Quick Connect/Disconnect Couplers (QCDC), in contrast, allow lines to be connected to vessels much more quickly and conveniently.

Special process requirements can also be accommodated using vacuum breakers, nitrogen purge lines, residue drain lines as well as process sensors and valves.

The SVT RIVA Marine Loading Arm was specifically designed for quick, painless routine maintenance: Bilaterally flanged ROTAFLEX Swivel Joints make inspections easy. With their long-lasting lubrication, the ROTAFLEX Swivel Joints are virtually maintenance-free; they run smoothly throughout their service lives, even in continuous use. The SVT RIVA Marine Loading Arm does not need regular overhauls.

The SVT RIVA Marine Loading Arm ships out fully pre-assembled. It can be installed on the jetty from land or from the water. Installation is normally finished in only one or two days.

Highlights RIVA
  • Nominal bore from 4" to 10" (10.2 cm to 50.8 cm)
  • Operating temperature of -320.8 °F to +482 °F (-20°C to +80°C)
  • Separate counterweights for inboard and outboard arms
  • Manually operated
  • Flanged ROTAFLEX Swivel Joints
  • Optional accessories:
  • Shipped completely pre-assembled
  • No regular overhauls necessary
  • Conforms to international standards such as OCIMF