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Custom Programmable Logic Control and Monitoring Systems

Control System
Redundant and Decentralized Hydraulic Systems
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Programmable Logic Controller
Constant Position Monitoring System (CPMS)

SVT designs and supplies controllers and monitoring systems tailored to customer needs, international standards and applicable national laws, rules and regulations.

SVT loading arms are driven by electrohydraulic systems. The energy comes from a hydraulic power unit. If maximum redundancy is needed, the hydraulic power unit can be outfitted with redundant motors and pumps or pneumatically operated backup pumps.

Every SVT loading arm has its own set of hydraulic valves: for the driving position, freewheel mode, quick connect/disconnect, emergency release, etc. All the valves are located in a cabinet on the riser, where they are easily accessible and protected from the elements.

This decentralized design maximizes failure safety, since the failure of one hydraulic valve in the cabinet will only affect one loading arm.

The local control panel can centrally operate all SVT loading arms. This is where all the loading arms are maneuvered and switched between freewheel and driving mode. It also visually indicates the states of the individual loading arms.

An optional touchscreen panel allows the visualization and processing of additional information.

All essential operations can also be performed from the ship using a wireless or wired remote controller.

The loading arms are controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC). All PLC types and designs can be used depending on the customer’s requirements and environmental conditions: from highly available to internally redundant to genuine multi-unit control capability, including I/O boards, isolating switch amplifiers and sensors. They are available for all Ex classes and conform to IEC or relevant national standards. Controllers can be classified up to SIL 3 as well.

The SVT 3D Constant Positioning Monitoring System displays the position of one or more loading arms in real time. Pre-alarm, warning and release zones are visualized in three dimensions. Visual and acoustic warnings indicate when an arm crosses the boundaries of the individual zones. The system constantly calculates, displays and permanently stores the distances from the boundaries of each zone, and thus the range still available for maneuvering – an essential feature for retracing the loading arm’s movements are to be subsequently retraced.

The 3D Constant Position Monitoring System is not a replacement for PLC-based self-monitoring by the loading arms. Instead, it offers a convenient way to track the current status of each loading arm, even when working in a remotely located control room. The 3D Constant Position Monitoring System is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Flemish, Norwegian and Swedish.


Highlights – Control System
  • Central hydraulic power unit optionally available with redundant motors and pumps or pneumatic backup pumps
  • Additional hydraulic piston accumulator also available
  • Dedicated hydraulic valves for each loading arm
  • Local control panel for central operation and visualization of all loading arms
  • Optional radio remote controls and/or touchscreen panels available
  • Various models of programmable logic controllers with a variety of options
  • Classification up to SIL 3 possible


Highlights – Constant Position Monitoring System (CPMS)
  • Three-dimensional modeling of loading arms
  • Colored alarm zones (pre-alarm, ESD 1, ESD 2)
  • Different views available
  • Distance indicators
  • Arm displays cycled through automatically
  • Movement data saved to long-term storage
  • Menu-controlled program settings
  • Available in various languages