Features of Marine Loading Arms

All SVT marine loading arms have a number of features that play a major role in keeping the loading process safe and reliable.

ROTAFLEX Swivel Joints

ROTAFLEX Swivel Joints do not need regular seal replacement. They move freely throughout their service life, even when moved constantly.

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SVT-Emergency Release Couplers (ERC)

Unlike other systems, SVT Emergency Release Couplers (ERC) have only one drive cylinder and a mechanical interlock system. Minimizing the number of active components also minimizes the probability of failure.

“Keep it simple – keep it safe!”

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SVT Quick Connect/Disconnect Couplers (QCDC)

The manual and hydraulic SVT QCDC Vario lets you securely and conveniently connect to a flange that is one nominal bore smaller – all without exchanging parts or pulling out tools!
The low weight of the SVT QCDC Vario makes it suitable for retrofitting.

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