Hydraulically Driven Loading Arm

Ideal for Large Operating Ranges
Double Counterweight System
Separate Support Structure
ROTAFLEX Swivel Joints
All-Purpose Equipment
Easy Routine Maintenance
Fast Installation

The SVT ATLANTIC Marine Loading Arm is specifically designed for difficult products and large operating ranges.
It comes in nominal bores of 4" to 20" (10.2 cm to 50.8 cm) and can operate in temperatures from -320.8 °F to 482 °F (-196 °C to +250 °C). The arm can be made from various materials to suit all kinds of fluids, whether toxic, aggressive, or explosive. It can also be fitted with a liner and/or heater to handle extremely challenging substances.
The SVT ATLANTIC Marine Loading Arm is also suited for high-pressure applications.

The SVT ATLANTIC Marine Loading Arm is equipped with a double counterweight system that uses separate counterweights to independently balance the inboard and outboard arms.
The outboard arm is balanced by a pantograph cable system that keeps the application of force constant and effectively absorbs vibrations. The cables’ absorbing capabilities produce extremely smooth and steady arm movements. The cables are impregnated with a special lifetime corrosion protection coating and carry a safety factor of five.

The separate support structure, with its large ball bearings, effectively absorbs external torque and forces that would otherwise be applied directly to the swivel joints that are integral to the loading arm.

The product line has a constant diameter, which optimizes flow and minimizes pressure drop. It also allows the use of identical swivel joints, which reduces the number of spare parts that must be stocked.

SVT ROTAFLEX Swivel Joints have hardened ball raceways, which avoids the need for separate raceway rings and all the problems that presents.

They have a double dynamic sealing system with packing faces made of stainless steel for maximum reliability. Different sealing systems and materials (e.g. FPM, PTFE, CSM, EPDM, PE) can be used to perfectly adapt to various substances and temperatures.

The SVT ATLANTIC Marine Loading Arm can be equipped with various additional accessories:

It can be built with piggy-back vapor return lines or even a second product line to turn the system into a true two-in-one loading arm (tandem loading arm). Special process requirements can be accommodated using vacuum breakers, nitrogen purge lines, residue drain lines as well as process sensors and valves.

SVT Emergency Release Couplers are integral parts of most loading systems.
Self-monitoring of the current loading position (PreAlarm, ESD 1, ESD 2) helps to quickly detect imminent emergency situations caused by a tanker drifting off and trigger the automatic release of the coupler.

SVT Quick Connect/Disconnect Couplers connect the arm to the manifold flange rapidly, safely and easily.

A cable or a radio remote control can be used in addition to the operating panel to operate the loading arm from the ship. The optional 3­D Constant Position Monitoring System displays the position of one or several loading arms in real time.

Expensive scaffolding and crane baskets are not needed. Most systems can be maintained from maintenance ladders and platforms.
The hydraulic drives can be easily bled in the park position.
Bilaterally flanged SVT ROTAFLEX Swivel Joints make inspection and maintenance easy. With their long-lasting lubrication, the swivel joints are virtually maintenance-free; they run smoothly throughout their entire product lives, even in continuous use.
The SVT ATLANTIC Marine Loading Arm does not need regular overhauls, which keeps the total cost of ownership low..


The SVT ATLANTIC Marine Loading Arm ships out fully pre-assembled with all its hydraulics and electronics already installed. It can be installed on the jetty from land or from the water. Installation is normally finished in only one or two days.

Highlights – ATLANTIC
  • Nominal bore from 4" to 20" (10.2 cm to 50.8 cm)
  • Operating temperature of -320.8 °F to +482 °F (-196 °C to +250 °C)
  • Lining and/or heating available
  • Suitable for high-pressure applications
  • Separate counterweights for inboard and outboard arms
  • Product line has a constant diameter with identical flanged ROTAFLEX swivel joints
  • Meets highest safety standards with SVT Emergency Release Couplers (ERC) and SVT Quick Connect/Disconnect Couplers (QCDC)
  • Optional accessories:
    • Vapor recovery lines
    • Process equipment
    • Two-in-one loading arm
    • Mobile loading arm
  • Shipped completely pre-assembled
  • No regular overhauls needed
  • Conforms to international standards such as OCIMF