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Made for LNG
Double Counterweight System
Separate Support Structure
SVT Emergency Release Couplers (ERC)
ROTAFLEX Cryogenic Swivel Joints
Easy Routine Maintenance
Fast Installation

The SVT ARCTIC Marine Loading Arm is a hydraulically driven loading arm developed specifically for loading LNG or cryogenic fluids.
The SVT ARCTIC Marine Loading Arm is based on the ATLANTIC and also has a separate support structure. Like the SVT ATLANTIC Marine Loading Arm, the ARCTIC is designed for large operating ranges.

The SVT ARCTIC Marine Loading Arm has several special features not provided on the ATLANTIC model that make it the ideal choice for safely loading LNG and other cryogenic products at design temperatures as low as -320.8 °F (-196 °C) and design pressures up to 652.7 psi (45 bar).

The SVT ARCTIC Marine Loading Arm is equipped with a double counterweight system that uses separate counterweights to independently balance the inboard and outboard arms.
The outboard arm is balanced by a pantograph cable system that keeps the application of force constant and effectively absorbs vibrations. The cables’ absorbing capabilities produce extremely smooth and steady arm movements. The cables are impregnated with a special lifetime corrosion protection coating and carry a safety factor of five.

The separate support structure with large ball bearings effectively absorbs external torque and forces. It also allows the use of identical swivel joints, which reduces the number of spare parts you have to stock.
The SVT ARCTIC Marine Loading Arm does not have to be mounted on an additional work platform to service high-sided ships. Instead, it can be installed right on the jetty on an extended riser.

The SVT ARCTIC Marine Loading Arm features a special cryogenic version of the proven SVT Emergency Release Coupler.
This coupler minimizes the likelihood of failure and thus maximizes safety by using only one hydraulic cylinder and a mechanical interlock system. All SVT Emergency Release Coupler are suitable for SIL classifications.

SVT ROTAFLEX Cryogenic Swivel Joints are made from a special type of stainless steel that combines tremendous hardness and toughness, even at cryogenic temperatures. This avoids the need for separate raceway rings and the problems they bring.
The redundant dynamic seals are made from UHMW-PE, a special material that readily lends itself to cryogenic temperatures and exhibits almost no measurable wear.
A liner keeps the internal and external raceway from directly contacting the cryogenic fluid, ensuring even cooling. As a result, the cryogenic swivel joints do not need to be cooled down at a special rate – a key factor in cutting loading times.
The raceways in SVT ROTAFLEX Cryogenic Swivel Joints are nitrogen-purged instead of using grease as a lubricant. The system consumes very little nitrogen and uses no hoses. SVT ROTAFLEX Cryogenic Swivel Joints move smoothly throughout their service lives, even if they have to move constantly – a must-have for offshore applications, for instance.

Expensive scaffolding is not needed. Most systems can be maintained from maintenance ladders and platforms. The hydraulic drives can be easily bled in the park position.
All SVT ROTAFLEX Cryogenic Swivel Joints are flanged on both ends and are easy to inspect and maintain. All seals are optimally arranged for quick access.
The SVT ARCTIC Marine Loading Arm does not need regular overhauls, which keeps the total cost of ownership low.

The SVT ARCTIC Marine Loading Arm ships out fully pre-assembled with all its hydraulics and electronics already installed. It can be installed on the jetty from land or from the water. Installation is normally finished in only one or two days.

Highlights – ARCTIC
  • Nominal bore from 6" to 20" (10.2 cm to 50.8 cm)
  • Suitable for temperatures down to 320.8 °F (-196 °C)
  • Design pressures up to 652.7 psi (45 bar)
  • Separate counterweights for inboard and outboard arms
  • Special flanged ROTAFLEX Cryogenic Swivel Joints that do not need to be cooled down at a special rate
  • Nitrogen purge system in swivel joint uses no hoses
  • Meets highest safety standards with SIL-classifiable SVT Emergency Release Couplers (ERC) and SVT Quick Connect/Disconnect Couplers (QCDC)
  • Minimizes spare parts inventories by using identical ROTAFLEX Cryogenic Swivel Joint
  • Shipped completely pre-assembled
  • No regular overhauls needed
  • Conforms to international standards such as OCIMF and ISO 16904