Marine Loading Arms

SVT marine loading arms are the premier solution for safely, reliably and efficiently loading and unloading liquids and gases.


The ATLANTIC, ARCTIC, PACIFIC and RIVA series are state-of-the-art loading arms. All our arms are specifically tailored for all types of fluids: from toxic to aggressive to explosive.



SVT marine loading arms come with special features, such as ROTAFLEX Swivel Joints, SVT Emergency Release Couplers (ERC), or SVT Quick Connect/Disconnect Couplers (QCDC), that ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability during loading.

The programmable logic controllers and constant position monitoring systems (CPMS) are programmed to meet our customers’ exact needs and allow them to track arm movements from a remotely located control room.



In addition, the rapid Erection and Commissioning of SVT marine loading arms slashes costs and saves precious time.