Safety is priceless. At SVT, it’s part of the package. Safety guarantees are particularly important when handling dangerous goods. Complicated, elaborate designs are usually not the safest. SVT sets new standards in loading technology with its simple, elegant solutions and develops products that meet the most stringent safety criteria. As all its certifications show:
Keep it simple – keep it safe!


Knowledge and passion: the combination that makes our employees true experts. We thrive on complex challenges. Why? We specialize in developing custom solutions, which we always base on a clear, simple and intelligent idea. This approach has enabled us to raise the bar for loading technology time and time again. We are particularly proud of the passion and dedication of our employees.



Our expertise extends to Wiese and Connex technologies, too. At SVT, every order is seen as a challenge to tackle enthusiastically and fill efficiently without running up needless costs or compromising on safety. From development to manufacturing to assembly – our employees focus relentlessly on one thing: your satisfaction.



All SVT systems and technologies are developed to meet international standards. But we feel the “usual” standards are not enough. That is why we have developed standards of our own. That lets us guarantee one thing: safety and functionality.



SVT maintains an integrated management system in order to meet and maintain our own quality standards. Our Integrated Management System (IMS) Handbook lets us continuously improve our processes and thus enhance customer and employee satisfaction.