SVT GmbH, a member of the GESCO Group, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of loading systems for liquid and gaseous fluids.

SVT owes its reputation as a reliable and innovative partner to 50-plus years of experience in design, manufacturing, and maintenance and to thousands of loading systems installed around the world.


Made in Germany

SVT still designs, manufactures and assembles all of its products in Germany – including testing for key components such as swivel joints, control systems, Emergency Release Couplers and Quick Connect/Disconnect Couplers.

SVT draws on decades of experience to develop equipment that leads the market in safety, environmental performance and cutting-edge loading technology.

Wiese & Connex

SVT GmbH’s beginnings extend to Wiese GmbH, established in 1968 and acquired by SVT in 1987, and to Connex GmbH, formed in 1980 and also acquired by SVT in 1997.

Over 50 Years of Accumulated Knowledge in Loading Technology!

Wiese GmbH was known for its innovative loading products. It pioneered the separate supporting structure used in the SVT ATLANTIC Marine Loading Arm, developed to meet the stricter loading requirements of critical, liquid and gaseous fluids. And Connex GmbH, a spin-off of Wiese GmbH, was also an established global player in the loading technology market.

In 2002, SVT was acquired by GESCO AG of Wuppertal. The GESCO Group (www.gesco.de) consists of independently managed subsidiaries, most of which operate in the metal and plastics industry.

The GESCO acquisition resulted in today’s multinational SVT GmbH and its subsidiary, Connex SVT Inc., headquartered in Houston, Texas.