About SVT GmbH

About SVT GmbH

It may not be located on the water, but the small town of Schwelm in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, is the perfect location for SVT. Its excellent transportation infrastructure makes it easy to get around, while European seaports, particularly Antwerp and Rotterdam, are with close reach. Schwelm’s proximity to industrial centers in the Ruhr region and the Cologne Lowland has nurtured a long tradition of industrial manufacturing in the town. All in all, it is the perfect environment for developing, manufacturing and testing SVT’s marine and land loading arms along with key components such as ROTAFLEX Swivel Joints, SVT Emergency Release Couplers (ERC), SVT Quick Connect/Disconnect Couplers (QCDC) and electrohydraulic control system.

The Power of a Mid-Market Enterprise

SVT generates big-market revenues but has kept its mid-market character – and that is a fundamental strength. SVT's employees, including some from the days of Wiese GmbH and Connex GmbH, are passionate about their work, their company and their products. And they represent a healthy blend of seasoned veterans and fresh new workers, many of whom apprenticed at SVT. This combination drives a constant transfer of knowledge and keeps the team highly innovative.

Quality from Schwelm

There are plenty of reasons to choose loading arms made in Schwelm: the strong design team, reliable production process, decades of experience and continuous quality management system with all the necessary certificates. And since almost every loading arm undergoes a factory acceptance test at our own facility with the customer present, Schwelm is now known in places as far away as Guangdong and Quintero.

Partners Worldwide

SVT has a worldwide presence through relationships with partners on every continent, which gives every customer a local point of contact. All customer service and support in North and Central America is provided by our subsidiary Connex SVT Inc., headquartered in Houston, Texas.