Wiese & Connex

The former Wiese GmbH was acquired by SVT in 1987; in 1997 Connex GmbH, which had previously split off from Wiese GmbH, was also acquired by SVT. 

Original Spare Parts from SVT
In the process of these acquisitions, SVT not only took over ownership of the diagrams and spare parts, but more importantly, continued to employ almost all of the acquired companies’ personnel. Today many of these former Wiese GmbH and Connex GmbH employees still work for SVT – in design, loading arm production, as well as in customer service. That is 40 years of consolidated loading technology knowledge – and the only way to receive original spare parts and original service for loading arms from Wiese GmbH and Connex GmbH.

Wiese GmbH

Wiese Models for Marine Loading Arms
Atlantic, Pacific, and Riva models 

Wiese Models for Railcar/Tank Trunk Loading Arms
Terra-Simplex, Terra-Plus, Terra-Komplex, Terra-Duplex T,
Terra-Duplex P

Ground station models: Model 8-340 
Folding stairs: Model 7-21
Escalators: Models 25-30 and 25-31 

Wiese Swivel Joints 
Models 30-141, 30-147, 30-200, 30-204, 30-240, 30-244, 30-300, and 30-362

Wiese Emergency Release Couplers

Connex GmbH

Connex Models for Marine Loading Arms 
Models 6-730 M, 6-730 H, 6-730 HX, 6-730, 5-520 M, and 6-318 M

Connex Models for Railcar/Tank Truck Loading Arms 
Top loading arms, product loading from above: Models 7401, 7501, and 7504
Top loading arms, product loading from below: Models 7402, 7403, 7502, 7503, 7505, and 7506
Bottom loading arms, product loading from above: Models 8505
and 8506
Bottom loading arms, product loading from below: Models 8501, 8502, 8504, 8601, 8602, and 8604
Bottom loading arms, product loading from the side: Models 8513, 8514, 8516, 8517, 8613, 8614, 8616, and 8617
Folding stairs: Models KTS, KTM, and KTL

Connex Swivel Joints

Connex Emergency Release Couplers