Safety is priceless. At SVT, it’s included. Handling hazardous materials particularly calls for guaranteed safety. Complicated, elaborate designs are usually not the safest. SVT uses simple solutions to set new standards in the field of loading technology, and develops its products to meet the most stringent safety criteria. An extensive range of certifications confirm this fact: Keep it simple – keep it safe!

Keep it simple - keep it safe!

Setting Standards in Loading Technology
Expertise and passion. This combination is what makes our employees experts! When things get complicated, we perform at our peak. That’s because SVT’s specialty is developing customized solutions, and at SVT these special solutions are always built on a simple, clear, and intelligent idea. This is how we have been able set new standards in loading technology for many years. And we are particularly proud of the passionate dedication of our 180 employees. 

Full Service for Your Satisfaction
Our expertise also encompasses Wiese and Connex technologies. At SVT, each task is viewed as a challenge that we attack with dedication and overcome efficiently, all while keeping our eye on safety and costs. From development to manufacturing to assembly – our employees have only one thing on their mind: your satisfaction.

Utmost Safety Guaranteed
It goes without saying that all SVT technologies and systems are developed in accordance with international standards. But since we do not believe “normal” standards are enough, we have come up with our own SVT standards. This enables us to guarantee that our products offer the highest level of safety and functionality.

Constantly Improving Our Processes
In order to meet and maintain our own standards of quality, SVT makes use of an integrated management system. Our IMS handbook (Integrated Management System Handbook) is a means of constantly improving our processes, which, in turn, increases customer and employee satisfaction.