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SVT GmbH, a member of the GESCO Group, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of loading systems for fluid and gaseous media. SVT’s reputation as a reliable and innovative partner for its customers is based on more than 40 years of experience in design, manufacturing, and maintenance, as well as its thousands of loading systems currently installed around the world. 

Made in Germany
Just as it has always done, SVT continues to design, manufacture, and assemble its products in Germany alone – this means key components such as swivel joints, emergency release couplers, controller systems, and quick connect/disconnect couplers are all designed, manufactured, and tested by SVT in Germany. Using expertise gathered over decades, SVT develops equipment that leads the field when it comes to the latest loading technologies, environmental protection, and the safety of operating staff.

Wiese and Connex
SVT GmbH has its origins in Wiese GmbH, founded in 1968 and acquired by SVT in 1987, and in Connex GmbH, founded in 1980 and acquired by SVT in 1997. That means SVT is proud of over 40 years of concentrated knowledge in the field of loading technology!

Wiese GmbH was known for innovative products in the field of loading technology. For instance, the separate supporting structure used in the ATLANTIC marine loading arm – developed to meet the heightened requirements when loading critical, fluid, and gaseous media – was a completely new concept. And Connex GmbH, which at the time split off from Wiese GmbH, also held a strong position around the world in the field of loading technology.

In 2002, SVT was acquired by GESCO AG, Wuppertal (www.gesco.de). The GESCO Group is characterized by its independently operated subsidiaries – most of which are active in the metal and plastics industries. 

This acquisition resulted in today’s SVT GmbH, which continues to operate worldwide, as well as its subsidiary Connex SVT Inc., headquartered in Houston, Texas.